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West African business should turn to ...

West African business should turn to solar for their bottom line

“Honestly, I’m surprised this place even runs,” says the technical director of a multinational consumer goods company, with a large factory on the outskirts of Lagos, Nigeria, as he gestures at the flickering lights above his head. Source: Perspective

Data towards development: civil regis...

Data towards development: civil registries in Sierra Leone

Earlier this summer, Sierra Leone reached a substantial milestone. For the first time, the country successfully compiled the biographic and biometric data of its citizens to form a comprehensive civil registry.   Source: Perspective

Total’s power play in east Africa

Total’s power play in east Africa

Four years ago, in a villa on a bumpy, rust-coloured road in South Sudan’s capital Juba, a manager of the French oil major Total rolled out a map of east Africa and shared a vision for the region’s oil future. Source: African Business